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Sadržaj AM


  July 30,2002.

July 30, 2002.


Dear collegues,

This issue of our newsletter is somewhat delayed due the beginning of summer holidays, and the tight time schedule of the editors. In spite of these “semi-objective” problems, this issue of ILBA contains some (hopefully) interesting information


The Third Bulgarian-Serbian Astronomical Meeting was held on May 13-15 on Gjolechitsa in Bulgaria. A report on this meeting was published in the last issue of ILBA. The idea was to include at least some of the multitude of photos taken during the meeting in this issue of ILBA. However, M.Tsvetkov and his team in Sofia have put up a large number of these photos on the internet. The url is: . Once you get to this address, you will find two directories containing about 70-80 photos from the meeting. As another very important detail concerning this meeting, note that the proceedings will be published under the auspices of the Astronomical Observatory in Belgrade. The manuscripts were submitted beginning July, and the manuscript of the whole book is now undergoing refereeing and linguistic revision.


Preparations for this meeting are well under way. It will be held in Belgrade as planned, but the exact place has not yet been chosen.

21st SPIG

This meeting will take place as scheduled, August 26-30 of this year, in Soko Banja (Serbia).Contributions have been submitted and accepted, and the preparations are now in their final phase.The url of the web-site of the meeting was given in one of the preceeding issues of ILBA.


We include here the announcements of two forthcoming meetings in Serbia. Both are co-organized by the Institute of Physics in Beograd, so details can be found on their web-site.

Later this year on mount Kopaonik in Serbia will take place a Summer school in mathematical physics. It is international, some of the lecturers are of the highest possible international stature. Details about the school are available at: .

In the summer of 2003 the Balkan Physical Union will hold its general conference in Serbia. It is planned for August 25.-29.2003., in the well known spa of Vrnjacka Banja. Details are at .

A technical detail concerning both meetings: At the time of preparation of this issue of ILBA the internet service of the Institute of Physics is being improved and repaired.If you try to access the indicated web addresses and get no answers,try to contact editor Celebonovic at or the web master at


Included below is the announcement received in the Institute of Physics of several events from the domain of “pure physics” organized by the European Physical Society in Budapest.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2002 14:29:57 +0200 (CEST)
From: Marko Popovic <>
Subject: Fw: EPS-12 information

------------- Forwarded message -------------

Dear Colleagues and Friends of Physics,

The 12th General Conference of the European Physical Society 'Trends in Physics' (EPS-12) will be held in Budapest, Hungary, 26-30 August 2002. Let us call your attention to an accompanying event, the so-called EUROTRON Conference, providing the international physics community with the scientific highlights of EPS-12, enabling a virtual presence and participation in the main events of the scientific meeting:

The Eurotron Conference is supported by the European Commission, programme 'High Level Scientific Conferences'. It will be envisaged to provide the widest participation not only during the actual lectures and round-table discussions but also to keep the audio-visual material available archived on the Web for an extended period of time even after EPS-12.

The programme of the Eurotron conference is planned to include web-casting (broadcasting via the World Wide Web, another by-product of contemporary physics) the plenary sessions for those who cannot come personally to Budapest. After the conference the plenary talks will be archived at the EPS-12 Eurotron web-site. In the framework of the Eurotron conference we shall open two electronic discussion forums for participants and for everybody interested in physics.

The EPS-12 plenary discussion forum is a virtual extension to the plenary talks. Usually, how plenary talks overview areas of science is left to the discretion of the speaker. In order to make the plenary sessions even more interesting and lively the conference organizers wish to collect questions to the plenary speakers from as wide an audience as possible. With this in mind we call you to send us questions, remarks to the plenary speakers on the topics of their talks. For this purpose you can use the E-mail address:  

Please specify in your message to which plenary speaker you intend your question or comment.

All questions and comments relevant to the topic of the conference - in addition to bringing them to the attention of the relevant speaker - will appear in the Plenary Discussion Page linked to the Conference www-page so that lively discussion could inform the speakers what questions should the public like to discuss. The plenary speakers are not expected to directly answer your questions, of course. Within the framework of both EPS-12 and Eurotron we plan to organise a roundtable discussion on the future of Scientific Research and particularly Physics in Europe. We are now calling for questions to be asked at this discussion forum as well. These messages are expected by E-mail at and will also be archived and linked to the conference site. Moreover, we encourage you to make this site (and the list) a real discussion forum: the question raised by a colleague can immediately be answered by others and so interesting discussions be born.

The roundtable discussion will also be web-casted and we shall make it possible also for those who follow it from outside the conference hall to send questions during the discussion and those chosen by the newsgroup moderator will immediately be presented to the discussion leader.

To participate in any of the two discussion forums just go to the web page and read, contribute, subscribe. You will get further information only if you enlist using the form provided in the above WWW page.

We are looking forward to receiving your subscription, questions and comments.

Sincerely yours:

The Organizers

PS. We should like to distribute this circular to the widest possible interested audience. Therefore, we ask you to forward it to your colleagues who may not have received it. At the same time we apologize for it if for the same reason you received this message more than once.


Starting from a few months ago, our newsletter is being posted at a fourth site, in Holland. The is located at the web server of Utrecht University, and the web-master is Jelena Petrovic,our colegue from the Dept.of Astronomy of the Faculty of Sciences in Belgrade who is preparing her Ph.D. there. Our big thanks to Jelena for her offer and here is the address:


For those of you who may have forgotten, here are the addresses of the two web sites on which ILBA is being posted from the beginning:  

As we are in the middle of summer, the editors wish you good holidays.

Clear skies and speedy computers to all,



The editors,

Dr Milcho Tsvetkov
Sofia Sky Archive Data Center
72 Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd.

Sofia 1784 

fax:+359 2 9744 835
Dr Vladan Celebonovic
Institute of Physics
Pregrevica 118
11080 Zemun-Beograd

fax:+381 11 3162190 

(septemba 2002.)


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